RULES is a series of works that talking about the self-position between freedom and rules/ standards.
Legend, as the reference of ancient culture and society from thousands of years ago, is the basis of the human spirit and only by reading it, mankind could glimpse the culture which had lost in time. Greek mythology and Chinese myth, which are two of ancient typical legends nowadays, influenced millions of people’s thoughts.
RULES is born from these two mythologies.
Although Greek mythology and Chinese myth are considered as two counterparts of the world’s culture, they do have similarities, for instance, the interesting relationship between rules and freedom. Limited freedom under unbreakable rules versus life-long resistance for regulation, the contrast between Greek mythology and Chinese myth, makes me thinking of the situation now. Mankind is unwillingly surrounded by so many rules, restrictions, and even the guilty of love, which one cannot control. But instead of break all of the limitations, RULES is aiming to find a new position in between, which is being the better self under the cold society.


The HOUSE FOR FALL is a series of works creating for Florence’s autumn. There is so much beauty surrounding us but we seldom noticed it. I want to use these works showing the most beautiful city in which I am living.